Welcome to our crime drama Advent calendar!

Sign-ups and prompt collection are open!

(See menu at the top for more.)

In Short:

We’re collecting fandom unspecific prompts and they will be assigned to writers and artists at random on October 31st. All interpretations of the prompts must be based on a crime drama fandom, but other genre fandoms can be added.

Prompt collection and sign-ups are open until October 27th.

Stories should be between 1k and 5k in length.

Posting will happen on Wild Hare and you’ll need an account there.

Reveals will happen December 1st to 24th anonymously, so there should be lots of Christmassy goodness to enjoy throughout the stressful lead up to the holidays.

On December 25th, there will be the big writer and artist reveal. (And maybe another goodie. Who knows? It’s Christmas!)

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